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I have always been curious about TTDEYE, because a lot of influencers promote these lenses and they all look absolutely stunning so I had to get myself a pair. If you have never heard about this brand, they are a contact lens brand founded in 2011. They got more recognition through their collaborations with famous instagrammers and influencers. Their slogan is "See Different" and they promote quality first, custom ahead. They have tons of buyers that leaves reviews with pictures so you know it's a legit contact lens brand. A famous instagrammer that I follow and works together with TTDEYE is: Bbyambi (she is stunning btw!).

I wasn't planning on getting circle lenses so I wanted something natural, more suited for an everyday look. The pair I went for was "Polar Lights Brown II". These lenses are light brown with a sparkling outer ring design and are slightly enlarging.

The packaging 

It is stated that the lenses take about 10-20 days to arrive which is pretty accurate. It comes in a small box with a few goodies. I love how companies do something extra with their packaging making it more fun for the buyer when they receive it. Besides the lenses there was a lens case, postcard, glitters (probably for your makeup) and temporary tattoos in the box, yay for free stuff! 
The box comes in a pink color with their logo right on top but what really caught my attention was their packaging for the lenses, it's so so pretty. It uses a holographic material for that extra oomph. I have never seen lenses stored in such a pretty way before, it made me pause for a moment lol. 
The lenses

Like I first mentioned, I wanted something more natural but because I'm paying 25 bucks for these lenses I didn't want lenses that look identical to my own eye color. I wanted something different but not too crazy, so I picked a light brown color. These lenses have 6 features which is nice to know and actually gives you valuable information.
1.Advanced Sandwich Painting Tech
This embedded coloring process divides polar lights II brown contacts into 3 layers, which effectively prevent pigment layer contact your cornea directly, ensure our eyes healthy and safe.

2. UV Protection Function
Unique design protects your pupil's health, though isolate the ultraviolet light, polar lights brown II lenses can avoid some eye diseases in advance, giving your eyes more protection.

3. Smooth Edge Design
Based on people real pupil, fine colored contacts edge design offers you a comfortable feeling, natural and comfortable, without any foreign body sensation.

4. Non-ionic Raw Material
Excellent polar lights brown II contacts materials effectively against protein stains and keep your eyes moist all day.

5. Yearly Disposable
Just like ttdeye other colored contacts,ttdeye polar lights brown II contacts lenses are yearly disposable, high quality and first-class materials offer you the high cost performance, as well as bright color and enough moisture.

*Literally copied this from the ttdeye website
Water content: 38%
Thickness: 0.08mm 
Texture: Polymacon 
Base curve: 8.5mm 
Diameter: 13.9mm/14.0mm 
Period of use: 12 months

The results
These lenses look much more orange brown than light brown which made me oh-oh for a moment. But after trying them on they look more like the pictures on the website. Based on personal preferences I find this color too light for me, it makes me look.. scary. It's okay in dark lighting but when I go out in broad daylight with these, I would be scaring people like its Halloween. But that's my personal opinion because the lenses do match what they show on their website. I do really like the color when you take pictures with flash. What is worth mentioning is that these lenses are really easy to put in. They stick to my eyeball quick and easy without tearing up.

Color and design 4/5:
The color looks exactly as what is shown on the website. When you look really closely you can see the tiny dots on the lenses, but overall the design is not crazy. The outer ring is slightly darker than the inside of the lenses for a more dramatic look.

Comfort 4/5:
They are comfortable to wear for up to 6 hours and after that I have no idea because I haven't worn them for that long yet. 

Enlargement 2/5:
These lenses are slightly enlarging but not too much like other lenses. If you are looking for a larger enlargement, then go for a higher diameter lens. For me these lenses are enlarging enough.

My overall opinion is that I'm satisfied with my purchase but not with my choice. I wished the color was more suited for a natural look based on personal opinion. The packaging and care of ttdeye is superb tho and I will definitely get more lenses from this brand! Hope you guys liked this review and let me know what your experiences were with this brand or if you are planning on getting lenses :)

Kisses, Diana.

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  1. I actually think these look really pretty on you, but I can see what you mean about the light color looking a bit scary! I accidentally got a pair of lens years ago that were too light and I looked like a vampire!

    Geeky Posh


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