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vrijdag 30 maart 2018

You can never say no to a red lipstick, it looks good no matter what season it is. Sexy, classy, romantic, fierce, all the looks you can achieve with just one lip color. It definitely takes courage wearing this bold color and the different tones also changes the mood you’re going for but every girl needs a shade of red in her life!

Today I’m reviewing this gorgeous dark red lipstick not only for the color but also for the special shape it has. It’s a cube lipstick meaning it’s shaped in a cube. This helps with achieving that heart shape on your lips. The cube shaped lipstick was introduced by VDL a few years ago and became a huge hit. It’s special shape made it easier to achieve the heartlike lips that made other girls jealous and boys fall in love. They were also famous through their multicolored lipsticks that were great for creating an ombre look. Another thing that caught my eye was that this lipstick has sun protection, 10 SPF to be exact. I do not own a lot of lip products with SPF so this is a major plus for me!

Look and feel
Starting of with the packaging, it’s a glossy black slim lipstick with a matte golden tip. I’m not a fan of the look to be honest, it looks quite cheap and not durable at all.


It’s a darker shade of red but not completely dark red. This is definitely more day appropriate which makes it easier to play with. The pigmentation is great and it slides on so smooth.

How do I feel about this product?
This red color is definitely more work and day appopriate since it's not a bright red but a darker shade of red. The cube enhances that heart like shape which is very sexy, making it very versatile as well! Don't forget that this product has 10 SPF, so it's a no brainer that you can rock this lipstick 24 hours a day making it the perfect transitioning lipstick from day to nighttime. I just wished the packaging was different since I'm really not a fan of how it looks. Overall it's a nice lipstick to carry in your bag.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the cube shape or is it a pass for you?

Long lasting
Easy to use
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