Soft Golden Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

woensdag 23 december 2015

Hi beauties! I'm back on Youtube with a new makeup tutorial. This look is perfect for christmas or NYE. It's perfect for girls who doesn't like a too dramatic eye makeup. The red lips complete the look and you're ready to parteeeh! :)

I had a few issues filming this, but I hope it's okay.

Kisses, Diana. Lens Review | LensMe Shabet Gray & Neo Vision Dali Brown

zondag 15 november 2015

It's been a long time but I'm back with a Circle Lens review from this site called But first I want to say that I was not sponsored by KPOP2 to make this review. I bought the circle lenses with my own money. If you are interested in this site or these lenses please keep reading! :)

Fall Lookbook 2015

zaterdag 19 september 2015

Fall is here, my least favorite season of the year but what can I do. I guess the leaves that changes colors are nice, that's why I love the fall colors. Burgundy, dry rose, red etc. Amazing lip colors which I can't wait to rock! To start of this season I created a Lookbook. I incorporated one of my favorite hats which will be perfect for the fall season. Hope you enjoy this video and feel inspired by all the fall colors for your wardrobe!

Loves, Diana.


vrijdag 4 september 2015

It was a super rainy and windy day today, but that doesn't stop me from going out and enjoy myself. In the end it rained a lot more than what I expected and eventually I came home with super wet pants, shoes and socks, yikes. Thankfully I could snap a few quick pictures for this OOTD and hopefully you'll feel inspired by it.

Vietnam Haul | Beauty Products.

vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

I've decided to do a blogpost about my Vietnam Haul instead of a video. The reason to this is that my right microphone of my Nikon died. The sad thing is that I actually already filmed a video for this haul but after watching it back I heard a constant white noise on the background. And this noise was so loud that I couldn't even hear myself anymore. I'm super bummed out about the fact that I won't be able to make any videos until I get an external mic or fix my Nikon. So my apologies for that :(.

For this summer vacation I went to Vietnam and most of my time I stayed in Saigon (HCMC). That's where I also bought all of this stuff and I'll try my best to give the details about the stores for people who are going to visit Saigon in the future and are interested in these products. But first I want to say that I didn't buy as much as I wanted to because the prices in Vietnam are a bit more expensive than when I order it online. They do always have a promotion going on so that kind of counter attacks the prices. I'm also splitting this haul up in two parts, a beauty part and a fashion part. The places I went to are included at the end of this blogpost. Of course, all these brands are available in Plazas like; Parkson, Diamond, Crescent Mall etc. so you don't have to go to the exact same place as I went to.

Hope you enjoy this haul, loves Diana.


zaterdag 22 augustus 2015

I love Amsterdam, especially in the summer! I feel the city is more alive and fun to visit this time of the year. Although the summer is almost coming to an end, the Netherlands is generous enough to give us some more sun. And I have to say, the weather is just perfect now, not cold and not too warm. Here's my OOTD for this perfect weather. Keeping it really casual, I went for a sporty chic look. 

My Vietnam summer 2015 trip.

dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

Super tired and super jetlagged while writing this blogpost right now, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm back from my vacay! I've enjoyed my 4 weeks stay in Vietnam, especially in Nha Trang and Saigon. Saigon has seriously changed so much since my last visit there (six years ago) and I love it so much. It's filled with super cute and cozy coffeeshops now where you can chill with your friends. If you ever have the chance to visit Saigon (HCMC) go check out this place called: Oromia Coffee & Lounge in District 3. Their toast and drinks are the bomb.

How to: Korean Loose Curls

zaterdag 11 juli 2015

Before I show you guys how to achieve The Korean Loose Curls look I wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of blogposts. I've been really busy with school and work which made it hard for me to write a blogpost. I thought that when summer vacay comes I'll have more time for my blog, but my laziness got to me :( I'll also be going on vacation to Vietnam for 4 weeks and I don't know if I'll be able to blog there because we don't have WiFi at our place (ikr??). I'm really really sorry guys, I just suck at consistency.

Anyway back to the title of this blogpost, this is my take on the Korean Loose Curls. I've been doing this for a couple of years now and I just wanted to share it with you guys. I hope it is useful and please do check it out!

Review: 3CE Lip Lacquer

zondag 7 juni 2015

I've been eyeing this product for years now but I've never ordered one. I rather spend my money on lipsticks that are cheaper but deliver great quality as well. But I guess that's going to change now since the quality of this product is just amazing. I asked a friend of mine that was going to visit a few cities including Seoul to get me a lip lacquer from the brand 3CE. 3CE is a Korean based makeup brand from Style Nanda and the price range is a bit higher than for example; Etude House. I asked for a reddish color and she got me one in the color "backstage" which is a gorgeous red

Review: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack

zondag 24 mei 2015

Finally my very first review! I'm really excited to write a review about this lip product that has been in the spotlight for months now. I'm talking about the legendary Lip Tint Pack from Berrisom Season 3. Season 3 is an improved version of the season 1 and 2 packs. This is not your regular lip product, no, it's basically a mask for your lips. This mask will leave a color behind on your lips and it claims to last for 12 hours! It will also not budge or transfer on your boyfriend, napkins or straws (say whut, is this possible??). I had to try it out myself so I ordered one from eBay. Click here for the link. I got the color "Candy Orange" which is an orange color (hence the name). I don't own any orange colored lipsticks because I feel like it won't fit me but I really really wanted to try one out so heck why not? I also picked this up at the beginning of spring so I had to get it (even tho I tried it when spring is almost over..)

Getting tatted and OOTD.

donderdag 14 mei 2015

Hi lovelys!

It's been a while, I was really busy with work and school. So sorry guys for the lack of blogposts. I did ordered a few Korean beauty products last month which I have all received. So there will be a product review up soon! I'm also planning on filming a short Korean beauty haul, but i'm not sure when I have the time to do that. 

But..... I am filming a "How I Style" video, yes! In this video I will show you guys how I style an oversized white denim jacket. Yesterday I filmed the first outfit for this video and there will be an total of 3 outfits so please do look forward to that :) Earlier that day I got my second tattoo, yup. I don't have any pictures yet but the design I was going for was a pair of wings and in the middle a cross. I will do another post dedicated to my tattoo, explaining the meaning, pain, place etc. 

This is a short post but I just wanted to update my readers. 

Love, Diana.

White Denim Jacket, Yesstyle || Blouse, Yesstyle || Jeans, Forever21 || Shoes, Vagabond || Totebag, Pitch Festival || Sunglasses, Yesstyle.

First warm day in the Netherlands + OOTD.

vrijdag 17 april 2015

Hi everyone! 

The Netherlands has been granted some warmth and sunlight this week, especially on Wednesday. It was around 20 degrees celsius in Amsterdam, so I definitely had to get out the house that day and enjoy the lovely weather. I made plans with a few of my friends for dinner at this place called: Everything on a stick in Amsterdam. Unfortunately this restaurant didn't meet our expectations. It has a nice concept and it's an all you can eat place. But the service was so slow that we only got to round 2 in 2 whole hours! The food was also average but the waiters tho were really nice and polite.

Since the only plans I had that day was dinner and hanging out with my friends I kept my outfit pretty simple. I also had to get dressed pretty quick so I picked some basic pieces. I paired it with a leather jacket and chunky boots to give it an edge.

MØ live in Amsterdam!

donderdag 9 april 2015

Hi everyone! This blogpost will not be related to beauty or fashion but will be about the talented MØ. For the people who don't know her, she is an artist from Denmark and makes electropop. She is definitely worth your time, so check her out! A few favorites of mine are: Walk This Way (the Lido remix) and Say You'll Be There. 

I actually discovered her through the Lido Remix, but it wasn't until recently that I really got into her. A friend of mine asked me to join him to this MØ concert in Amsterdam. I was kind of debating wether I should go or not, because at that moment I only knew the Walk This Way remix so I was kind of hmm. But I decided to go anyway. So after that I actually searched her up on Spotify and listened to all her songs. 

After knowing her songs and liking them so much I was pretty excited for her concert. And oh guuurl it was so much fun. She has such a great stage presence and good interactions with the crowd. She even walked through the crowd and I was literally 1 meter away from her *gasp*. Unfortunately I could't take any decent pictures of her :(. She also doesn't has a lot of songs yet so the concert lasted for an hour, but I enjoyed every second of it. Big thank you to Steven for asking me to join you <3

Hope you check out this great artist!
Loves, Diana.

Easy Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

woensdag 8 april 2015

Hey y'aaaaaaaal, guess what? I've posted my very first Youtube Video!! Yay for that. It's an Eye Makeup Tutorial that I personally wear when I have to work or for a quick school day. I wanted to share this look with you guys because it is quick to do and doesn't take a lot of effort. The products i've used are showed in the video. Hope you'll enjoy my video and please give it a thumbs up and subscribe :)

For my next video i'll probably do a "How I Style" video. I recently got this oversized white denim jacket that i've been wearing a lot, so look forward to that! 

Loves, Diana.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone, my name is Diana and i'm the owner of this blog. I am a fulltime Communication and Multimedia design student but my heart lies with beauty and fashion. I'm mostly interested in Korean beauty and fashion and that's what my blog will all be about. In my free time I like to play games, go out with friends or just chill at home with a nice book. I also have a Youtube channel, so please do check that out! Link is in my navigation bar so you can't miss it. I'm new to blogging and Youtube so please be gentle with me :)

Loves, Diana.

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