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MØ live in Amsterdam!

donderdag 9 april 2015

Hi everyone! This blogpost will not be related to beauty or fashion but will be about the talented MØ. For the people who don't know her, she is an artist from Denmark and makes electropop. She is definitely worth your time, so check her out! A few favorites of mine are: Walk This Way (the Lido remix) and Say You'll Be There. 

I actually discovered her through the Lido Remix, but it wasn't until recently that I really got into her. A friend of mine asked me to join him to this MØ concert in Amsterdam. I was kind of debating wether I should go or not, because at that moment I only knew the Walk This Way remix so I was kind of hmm. But I decided to go anyway. So after that I actually searched her up on Spotify and listened to all her songs. 

After knowing her songs and liking them so much I was pretty excited for her concert. And oh guuurl it was so much fun. She has such a great stage presence and good interactions with the crowd. She even walked through the crowd and I was literally 1 meter away from her *gasp*. Unfortunately I could't take any decent pictures of her :(. She also doesn't has a lot of songs yet so the concert lasted for an hour, but I enjoyed every second of it. Big thank you to Steven for asking me to join you <3

Hope you check out this great artist!
Loves, Diana.

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