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3CE Matte Lipstick REVIEW || #909 SMOKED ROSE, #803 CLASSIC ROSY, #907 OLD DRESS

zaterdag 9 december 2017

I can't get enough of lipsticks and my collections keeps growing and growing. This time I'm welcoming 3 lipsticks from 3CE, a makeup brand from the Korean brand Stylenanda. I'm already familiar with their lipsticks and also made a review about one of their lip lacquers. So if you're curious about that one click here! But the highlight for today are these gorgeous lipsticks! The colors I picked up are #909 Smoked Rose, #803 Classic Rosy and #907 Old Dress. I bought them in store when I was in Korea last summer but you can get them online on their website or Ebay. 

Review: 3CE Lip Lacquer

zondag 7 juni 2015

I've been eyeing this product for years now but I've never ordered one. I rather spend my money on lipsticks that are cheaper but deliver great quality as well. But I guess that's going to change now since the quality of this product is just amazing. I asked a friend of mine that was going to visit a few cities including Seoul to get me a lip lacquer from the brand 3CE. 3CE is a Korean based makeup brand from Style Nanda and the price range is a bit higher than for example; Etude House. I asked for a reddish color and she got me one in the color "backstage" which is a gorgeous red

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