Review: 3CE Lip Lacquer

zondag 7 juni 2015

I've been eyeing this product for years now but I've never ordered one. I rather spend my money on lipsticks that are cheaper but deliver great quality as well. But I guess that's going to change now since the quality of this product is just amazing. I asked a friend of mine that was going to visit a few cities including Seoul to get me a lip lacquer from the brand 3CE. 3CE is a Korean based makeup brand from Style Nanda and the price range is a bit higher than for example; Etude House. I asked for a reddish color and she got me one in the color "backstage" which is a gorgeous red

Look and feel

You can see the product very well since it's made out of glass. The packaging may be simple but I love it, plus the matte black cap gives it this cool feeling. Nothing special about the applicator, just the standard one.


It has a matte finish with a velvety feeling, the color payoff is superb and it lasts for quite a while if you don't eat. Make sure it sets on your lips first! Lacquers do make your lips feel and look dry so always apply some lip balm before using lip lacquers! If you want a more glossy finish you can always put on a layer of lip gloss after it has dried. (Sorry, I don't have one with flash because the picture I took was blurry).

How do I feel about this product?

It was $19 US Dollars and worth every penny! I am sold and definitely want to grab a few other colors as well. The color payoff is like I said amazing and I got a lot of compliments when I wore this lip lacquer. I only had to reapply it after lunch and dinner which wasn't a bother at all. I love the matte finish and the product was easy to apply too. Overall opinion is that this product is a must have and I'm looking forward to try more products from 3CE.

Long lasting
Easy to use
*5 max

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  1. Wow!! The color looks super good on you ^^ I have always thought 3CE is quite expensive, but I should definitely give it a try! It seems to be worth its cost! Thanks for the review^^

  2. I love the color~! It looks nice on you <33 I've never tried that brand before.


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