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donderdag 23 november 2017

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Winter is coming.... I can imagine how many bloggers have used that sentence to start a blogpost but I just couldn't stop myself for using a GoT reference because it fits this blogpost so well. But winter is around the corner and I didn't want this blogpost to be your regular fall to winter outfits so to spice things up I've decided to focus on a very important factor of every look, and that is: accessories! A lot of people (including myself) tend to forget about earrings or bracelets etc. But these pieces define the outfit, it makes it put together or add a certain bling or dazzle to your look. Now that winter is around the corner, a change in jewelry is much needed. So do you go for gold or silver? Can't choose between a bracelet or necklace, or maybe both? Here's how I transition from fall to winter using fine pieces from AUrate New York.

AUrate New York
Fine Jewelry - No concessions, is the motto what basically means that they focus on what matters. Durable materials, transparant pricing, sustainable production and tangible giving so the buyer has one less concession to make. Simple minimal jewelry with the purest materials, but what I love the most is that with every piece you buy you contribute to helping economically disadvantaged school children. What is more beautiful than wearing a piece knowing you're helping children getting educated! 

Addicted to Rose Gold
When you're new to adding jewelry to your wardrobe, I would recommend with sticking to one color metal; so either gold or silver. You can always add more but start safe and try out mixing colors in the process, see what fits you the best! The basic rules are that silver matches cool skin tones and gold matches warm skin tones, but rules are meant to be broken. I have a warm skin tone but I prefer wearing silver over gold, but lately I've been obsessed with rose gold. I love combining these two metals especially during the winter time because the rose gold adds some warmth (esthetically) which is much needed during the colder days. 

Diamond Bezel Necklace, 14K, $320.

Hoop Earrings, 14K, $750.

Mini Circle Ring, 14K, $150.

Bracelet, necklace or earrings?
Can't choose which part of your body you want to dazzle up? It's not that hard, just ask yourself this question: is it visible? For example choosing a bracelet when you're wearing long sleeves thus covering your bracelet. You're just wasting a gorgeous piece of jewelry there and that's a shame no? So go for an earring instead if you have the tendency to show your ears a lot or maybe a dainty necklace to accentuate your collarbones. If you know your habits or features you can use jewelry very well to upgrade your look, that's my little secret ;)

Asymmetric Pearl Cuff, 14K, $800.

Pearl Ear Chain, 14K, $220.

Simple Pearl Necklace, 14K, $200.

Statement pieces
Afraid of layering pieces or just too lazy for layering? Go for a statement piece, super easy and eye catching. Perfect for those lazy Mondays where sleep is much needed but you still want to look cute. A little out of your comfort zone? Don't worry, a statement piece doesn't have to be huge or in your face. A statement piece for me means that wearing it by itself is enough to grab attention. This doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be huge, neon colored or with tons of diamonds. So a statement piece is always handy to have in every wardrobe even if your style is very minimal and simple.

X Cuff, Vermeil, $300.

Flower Earring Back Large, Vermeil, $180.

Circle Earrings, Vermeil, $180.

You can find all these gorgeous pieces and more here. I'm also curious about your favorite jewelry pieces. What could you wear on a daily basis and never get tired of? Let me know in the comments below :)

Loves, Diana

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